Date: 28/05/2001
Source: Telegraph

Keywords: sex workers or prostitutes or prostitution or brothels or flesh trade or trafficking



Calcutta, May 27:
Police are on the trail of a Salt Lake call-girl racket that was patronised by Gabbar and Ranvijay Singh Rathore, both accused of murdering city youth Sanjeev Jhulka on Monday night. They are now on the run.
Investigations revealed that a middle-aged lady from a well-to-do family runs the racket by cellular phone, inspector-general of police, south Bengal, R.K. Mohanti, said. Two women, Trisha Agarwal and Sanam, alias Sana Ahmed, were present when Sanjeev, alias Bunty, was murdered in a Maruti and his body dumped on the Bypass.
The investigations revealed that the lady lured girls from schools and colleges and ran the flesh trade in three apartments in Salt Lake. "We have got some details from Sanam. Officers are cross-checking these leads,'' a senior police officer said.
The murder took place after Sanam, Gabbar's girlfriend, complained that Bunty had misbehaved with her. Ranvijay was asked to convince Bunty to accompany him to China Gardens restaurant, in Tiljala, with Trisha and Sanam. Gabbar arrived at the restaurant with an associate, Clive Fernandez Brookes, alias Fatman, and after a bitter argument, shot Bunty. Police on Friday midnight picked up Sanam from Taltala and Fatman from Tiljala.
Mohanti said Sanam told interrogators that Ranvijay, son of a top-ranking executive of a multinational company, and Trisha were seeing each other for the past few months. "He spent a lot of money on Trisha and frequented her Kasba residence. He even convinced her parents that Trisha was employed as a senior worker in a sales firm, which she is not,'' Sanam told the police.Last Sunday, Sanam broke down several times during interrogation. "I wanted to help Gabbar. I am madly in love with him,'' she said. Sanam blamed Trisha for the incident. "She instigated me to speak to Gabbar about Bunty's misbehaviour. Gabbar is very hot-headed and acts on the spur of the moment,'' she said.
Sanam told the police that Ranvijay had taken a train to Jaipur with Trisha. "We decided to split after the murder. He left for Howrah in a taxi with Trisha. Later in the night, Ranvijay called up Gabbar from his mobile to say that he was leaving for a relative's house in Jaipur,'' she said.
Gabbar, Fatman and Sanam returned to the Tiljala-Topsia area. "Gabbar assured us that everything would be all right,'' she told the police. Initially, Sanam, Gabbar and Fatman were sheltered in a deserted house in Raicharan Ghosh Lane, in the Bansbagan area. She returned to her Taltala residence on Thursday evening. Sources said Gabbar was in Bansbagan on Saturday but escaped minutes before a police team raided the place.